Friday, 9 October 2015

Welcome to Artzone!!

Well, Like the name suggests, its all about Paper, Scissors and paints - My Artzone , My heaven, My passion and profession. 

To begin with, a little story on how it all got started. 

I have always been interested in anything Crafty, right since my childhood days. Though I started off as a hobby, to kill time and to divert myself from my depressions, I realized this is my calling. Im glad and love every bit of my Journey  :) Never came into crafting by chance, It was MY CHOICE to take crafting into a next level ..

Have tried my hands on various forms From M-seal to Paints to Paper , Learnt from many, Inspired from Hundreds of artists out there ..

M-seal Key holder

Foil Art
But My latest obsession is Paper Crafts - Anything from Party Supplies to Scrapbooks to Cards. 

Valentine Tags 
And now a lil about my classes and workshops:

Teaching is my first Love. It makes me happy seeing the smiles on their faces as they create, And that gives me a greater satisfaction. 

Candle Making Workshop
Class timings are totally flexible based on the convenience! 
Summer Camps, Winter Camps, Activity Classes and what not..  

So, That's it for now. This is just a beginning. Will be posting pictures of my work, My classes and schedules and a few tutorials too!! :)

If you like my works, Follow my blog , Leave some comments and Show us Love!!

Happy Crafting,